Web Animation



Web Animation

Do you have the need to add some movement to your informational website?

We can create web-based animation using Adobe Flash to emphasis your selling points on your home page. Products and services can be animated to be a focal point on your site. Animation can emphasis important features and make one section stand out from another. Flash animation can explain a complicated process where words and static images would fall short.

Web-based animation is also commonly used for creating web banners, web ads, introductions and splash screens. Hannah Studios can create innovative animations that look great and load fast and are easy to maintain.

Don’t let people tell you that Flash inhibit search engine optimization. Flash animation can be loaded with meta tags and descriptions that will be acknowledged and indexed by internet web browsers. Your website can have media-rich animation to make it stand out from the rest of the many static websites that get glossed over. Make your audience pay attention to your business and keep them coming back to your website time and time again.

We’ll help create the foundation of your brand – from logo, messaging, website,
to print communications and presentation media.