Outline & Proposal


Submit a Proposal

A customized proposal will be presented to our client including, project scope, related costs, project milestones and time frame for the completion of work. A deposit will be required in order to start the design process.

Create an Outline

Using the information collected from the kick-off meeting Hannah Studios will develop an outline of the content based on project goals. The project outline will be discussed and approved by our client, prior to proceeding. For a new website, all of the sections included in the global navigation will be determined. Dimensions and technical specifications will also be designated.

This outline to your client for review and modifications. Once this is approved and finalized by the client, Hannah Studios will be ready to proceed to the next step of the design process.

Content Organization, Writing & Editng

From the approved content outline, gather and organize existing content; write and edit new content; search and retrieve needed assets including logos, mission statements and company profiles to utilize in the development of the content for the website.