Kick-off Meeting


Kick-off Meeting

A meeting in person or via Goto Meeting will occur at the start of a project to introduce the team to our client. From the initial meeting, we’ll acquire a clear understanding of the project goals and expectations. The scope of work will be discussed. Budget, time frame and project milestones will be discussed. Initial ideas and deliverables and main point of contact will be determined.

Gather Information
In order to complete a project such as a printed materials, presentation or a website, the following questions should be answered:

– Who is the audience?
– What is the message?
– How many pages is the piece?
– What are the dimensions?
– Is there a specific budget?
– Is there a deadline for completion?
– Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?

Have the client provide examples of the style of design they like but pointing out websites or printed pieces that they admire or think are complimentary to their particular project.