High Level Design


High Level Design

Hannah Studios will utilize brainstorming and various forms of research to create some initial designs for the client. Initial designs include creating a look and feel for the project that will mimic their existing brand, or develop a look for a new concept. Color, type styles, graphic styles and design themes will be presented to the client in this phase. One to three initial designs may be presented in this phase, depending on the client’s requirements and budget. The client may like elements from the different designs presented. This gives the client some options and allows them the ability to combine their favorite elements from each in the first round of editions.

For website design, the initial home page will be designed with all the main topics for navigation included. Main sections of the home page will be laid out. The initial home page is designed in Photoshop as a graphic jpg file for client review. For print collateral the initial cover design of a
brochure, for example, would be initially presented to the client in the form of a pdf file for review.

The client would review the initial designs and provide edits and feedback. One to two sets of edits will occur prior to client approval of the initial designs. The approved home page will serve as the basis for the design across the entire site. Then the content page design would be presented in the form of a jpg or pdf file for review. Once the high level designs are approved, then production and programming on the project can begin.